The Importance of Video Content for SEO

Video content is the future of digital marketing, and it’s about time you started incorporating video into your strategy. Video allows you to reach an audience on a more personal level than other types of content. And with recent updates in Google’s algorithm, videos rank higher in search results when they are relevant to what someone is searching for. With that being said, if your company doesn’t have any video content yet and wants to take their SEO (search engine optimization) game up a notch or two then this post might be just what you’re looking for!

Video content has many advantages for marketers here are some of the benefits:

  • Videos are more engaging than text because they combine both visual and auditory senses, keeping users engaged. According to a study an average viewer spends 88% of their time on web pages watching videos. This is good news for businesses hoping to market their products through video!
  • Videos show up higher in search results than text. In some cases, they come up as the first result on Google and stay there until a video with a similar topic is uploaded. This happens because YouTube is owned by Google so it gets preferential treatment when ranking videos.
  • Video content can be used for many different types of platforms. Videos are now required on social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat to help audiences find them easily through search. There are tons more benefits but these 3 above are key points that every business should consider when thinking about their video strategy! 

Just remember that you need to have an engaging marketing (video) plan if you want your company or brand to succeed using this new type of content!

Types of videos businesses use to promote themselves:

  • Explainer videos- These videos are typically between 1-3 minutes and are a great way for businesses to get their brand across in a fun, easy way. It’s important to remember that the copy on these videos should be short and engaging so people who watch them don’t lose interest or feel confused.
  • Product Videos- These help customers see your product in action, which can help with conversions. If you sell something like clothes, it’s great to show how they fit and look while being worn by someone rather than just seeing photos of it on a model.
  • Branded content- This is usually seen more often on social media sites where users upload videos related to your company/brand but aren’t directly selling anything specific. You still need read all the terms and conditions though before uploading it because some companies don’t allow this type of content. It’s a great way to interact with your audience too!
  • Behind the Scenes- These are videos that give viewers a sneak preview of what goes on behind the scenes at your business. This type of video isn’t meant to sell anything, but it’s a great way to connect with customers and show them how things work in your office. It lets people see the personality of your company too!
  • Storytelling- Storytelling is all about creating content that makes an emotional impact on audiences and allows them to relate. It can be done in many different ways when using video as a medium.
  • Influencer marketing- In this strategy, brands pay influencers to include their products in their videos or posts where they talk about them and recommend them to their followers. The brand then gains exposure as the influencer spreads their recommendations to their audience.
  • Advertainment- This is essentially promoting your product through entertainment and involves using humor or interesting visuals in a video that make people want to watch more than just a commercial. 
  • Training and Educational- These types of videos help teach people how to do a specific thing or give information about your product. They can also be used for things like answering FAQs too!
  • Children’s Videos- These videos are meant for younger audiences and typically feature a character or friendly mascot that kids love. They can be entertaining, informative, or instructive but they all have one thing in common: making your audience feel good!

Types of Businesses that Use Video for Marketing

  • Attorneys: Video marketing is a great way for attorneys to keep their audience engaged and present themselves as knowledgeable experts. Attorneys tend to put promotional videos at the top of their website because it lets people know they are serious about providing quick, concise information that can be trusted.
  • Businesses that Sell Products- Video content is required for platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat. It allows companies to show their customers how things work (if applicable) or just give them an inside look at what happens in the day-to-day life of your business.
  • Manufacturers: For any company that makes a product or has multiple employees working with you can make use of video content too! Manufacturing companies make use of almost every type of video mentioned in this article to promote their brand.
  • Businesses that Provide Services- Whether your business is a financial firm or a hair salon, you can use videos to appeal to your demographic. 
  • Realtors- Home buying is an important decision so making a big impact with video content is key. Realtors are known for using video content to market their listings and make them stand out from the competition. They can show what each property has to offer through videos, plus it gives first time home buyers a tour of the house before even stepping inside! Recent events such as COVID-19 have made this an industry-standard nearly overnight.
  • Gyms- Fitness is all about reaching and maintaining goals so it’s important to stay motivated. Video content that shows your audience what each feature of the gym has to offer, how their body changes as they go through recovery and growth, or even just interviews with trainers can be motivating for people to stick with their goals! 
  • Marketing Agencies- It’s no secret that video content is one of the most powerful ways to market a business successfully. Marketing agencies often make use of video marketing in every capacity imaginable to deliver a unique brand experience for customers. Arclight Content offers white labeling services to all SEO marketing Agencies. 
  • Coaching/Motivational Videos- Whether you’re trying to get out of bed early in the morning or grind out another workday, giving your audience positive reinforcement can help drive them. Restaurants- Food venues use video content on social media and platforms like Instagram to promote their menus, chefs, and atmosphere. Video is a valuable asset for restaurants because it allows them to present themselves in a more dynamic way.
  • Car Dealerships-This is a major industry that can benefit from video content. They help dealerships show their audience how each model drives or even gives the history behind some unique features of certain models.

Connect Directly with your Audience Using Your Own Personal Avatar

All of the owners of the above-mentioned businesses would greatly benefit by regularly connecting and touching base with their audience in a direct and personal way. Arclight Content makes this not only affordable but possible for even the busiest business owner. Personal avatar AI technology can allow you to produce large amounts of content for a fraction of the cost compared to traditional means.

  • Are you the face of your company or brand? 
  • Wouldn’t it be great to personally deliver your message to your audience or potential clients without hours of filming and an unruly budget? 

Well with our services you can! We are able to create custom avatars for you so you can continue to grow your brand and create personalized engagement with your audience. 

First, have your voiceover recorded in your own home or office through Arclight Content’s personal AI recording studio. 

Take it one step further and visit a local video company for one day in front of a green screen and never have to show up to film a video again! 

Once you have filmed your personal avatar you can begin having Arclight Content create personal videos, featuring and presented by you! 

Traditional forms of video content creation are very time consuming and expensive. 

Without using Arclights AI Video Content be prepared to incur the following cost when creating video content:

  • Searching for the perfect location
  • Hiring a director and crew, which includes equipment rentals and transportation.
  • Gathering props that are needed 
  • Getting wardrobe and other necessities if you’re not filming at home.
  • Professional Voiceover Recording
  • Creative Director 
  • Crew Members and Production Helpers
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Editing 

These items add up very quickly, resulting in an average production cost of about $1,000 per minute of video produced. 

Working with Arclight Content, you can create as many of the above videos as you would like, for roughly $250 per video (including 1000 words of written content!)

Video content is one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing, but it can be tough to know how best to use video for your business. 

Luckily, you don’t have to figure out all of this by yourself – we’re here! 

Our team at Arclight Content can help with everything from planning and strategy to production and distribution on social media or across other platforms. With a focus on personalized customer engagement through AI-assisted video creation (including AR/VR), our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction. 

If you need assistance with any type of video needs – including scriptwriting, development, shooting & editing, 3D animation or VR services – please call us today!

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