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Our custom AI generated copy is written by our team of professional copywriters who understand the power of words on Google's search engine,
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How to Hire Security Guards

A security guard is a person who ensures the safety of individuals or specific property. Security guards are hired to monitor and detect crime, fire, illegal activities, theft or other potential risks to public health and safety. In order to ensure that your hiring process will be as successful as possible you must take time in finding the right candidate for the job.


If you are not experienced in this kind of industry it may seem like a daunting task to find someone with experience and qualification for the position. Do not worry though because there are some ways in which a diligent individual can find an adequate hire for their business or event. Using professional 3rd parties to help hire your security will help ease the strain on you when it comes down to finding candidates for hiring. Today we will discuss the most important factors when hiring a security guard.


Finding Quality Candidates:


When looking for candidates you will want to start by finding out as much information about the company they are representing. Do your research and find out reviews on this company that will allow you to get a good idea if their candidate can do the job right.


To find a qualified security guard you want to make sure that the person has experience in doing this kind of work. Experience is very important because it demonstrates an adeptness for handling stressful situations, keeping calm under pressure and also having management skills which are key when working in such a position. The very nature of being a security guard is to act as protection or authority figure during uncertain lawlessness or hostile circumstances; therefore, experience gives one confidence and control over themselves so that they remain composed even when faced with tense or stressful situations as well. A good security guard must also be flexible and willing to accept new challenges that may arise during their shift.


The next step is to find a company that has been in this line of business for a significant amount of time, such as The reason you want to use a company with experience is because you want to ensure that all of your candidates are qualified and experienced in the field. Those who have no experience may be eager but if they do not know how to work under pressure then they may cause more harm than good. The only thing worst then a situation that needs security is a security guard who makes the situation worst by escalating it.


Proper Licensing & Certification


A guard must also hold proper licensing and certification for this position. The reason you want to make sure that the candidate has licensure is because you are hiring them as a professional, so they need to obtain their license from an institution. You will want to confirm similar things such as what type of insurance policy the security company has. The security guard must carry general liability insurance as well as a workers compensation policy. This is to make sure that if they are injured on the job, they will be compensated for their time away from work and any medical bills incurred during this time, but also to protect the company or employer in case something goes wrong and they are held liable.




Cost is always an important factor when hiring a security guard or company for the position. The good thing about is that they price reasonably in order to fit your needs and budget. This is possible because the company works with many different security companies, vetting and screening them as well as providing their rates for you to compare.


Be mindful there are many different types of security personal such as:


Armed Guards- Force Protection


Armed and Unarmed- Basic Guard


Armed and Unarmed- Patrol Officer


Unarm with a trained dog- K9 Handler 


These are just some of the many different types of security personnel that you will find. It is up to your company or employer to decide what kind of guard is needed for their needs. When talking to Security Guard agencies it helps to know which type of guard you wish to hire. This way they can give you an idea on how much these guards cost. Some companies will have technicians come out and sweep the location for possible intrusions, while others may use a more direct approach such as having a armed guard watch over the premises at all times. As the client you should always be in the loop on what the plan to secure your premises is.


Hiring security guards can be a complicated process, but with the right resources and guidance it doesn’t have to be. Utilizing professional companies like will provide you access to thousands of licensed armed guard candidates across the nation who are ready and waiting for your call today! Armed security guards are an important part of any company’s safety plan because they protect people from many different types of threats that include theft, vandalism or even workplace violence. We make finding high quality candidates easy by providing online licensing verification as well as insurance coverage information on every candidate we match you with so that you know exactly what type of service level they offer before hiring them. 


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Pilates for Seniors

Pilates is a form of exercise that many people have heard about but may not know much more than the basics. It’s been shown to be great for seniors who want to maintain their strength and balance as they age, so it might be worth looking into if you’re starting to feel some aches and pains in your joints or are feeling stiff during daily activities. In this article, we’ll take a look at what Pilates is, why it’s good for seniors, how often you should do it, and some common exercises that can help you get started with Pilates!


What is Pilates?


Pilates is an exercise program developed by Joseph Pilates that combines breathing, stretching and strengthening exercises. Its main goals are to develop flexibility, strength and balance in the body. It’s not a high-impact form of exercise like running or jumping; instead, it focuses on slow, controlled movements that build endurance as well as flexibility.


What Makes Pilates Good for Seniors?


Seniors can benefit from Pilates because it helps improve overall body strength and flexibility while also helping to improve coordination. This means you’ll be able to do daily physical activities with greater ease, and you’ll have improved balance which will reduce your chances of falling. By toning muscles throughout the body, including abdominal muscles, seniors can also help relieve back pain and improve posture.


As you’re doing the Pilates exercises, you’ll be working your core muscles which not only provides muscle stability and alignment, it could help prevent the onset of a variety of age-related conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. 


Pilates is also good as we age, because it helps to increase bone density and mass, which is helpful to prevent and avoid osteoporosis. Keeping bones strong and healthy is important because if you have weak or brittle bones it could result in a fracture that would greatly reduce your ability to do daily activities.


What Type of Equipment Do You Need?


If you’re going to take Pilates classes at a local gym or health club, all you’ll need are some workout clothes, shorts, leggings, etc. and socks that don’t slip. Some studios allow bare feet if you don’t have proper socks. If you want to work out at home, you’ll need a mat that’s thick enough to provide cushioning during floor exercises.


How often should Seniors do Pilates?


Pilates has been proven to be an effective form of exercise for seniors, however how often one should do Pilates depends on each individual’s health conditions and fitness level. If you wish to improve your strength, endurance or flexibility, you may want to start with 2-3 times a week and consider increasing sessions as you progress. 


Pilates is also great for those recouping from an injury or surgery. A good instructor will provide modified exercises to help your recovery. Often times, people notice an increase in recovery time when adding Pilates as part of their recovery. 


Pilates is also perfect for seniors, because there are different levels of difficulty, so everyone can enjoy it no matter what their age or fitness level.


If you are a senior and want to start Pilates, exercising in the morning can be an ideal way to get your body moving. Many seniors have busy days full of work and appointments, so getting to a studio multiple times a week may be difficult. Many studios now offer online classes, videos or private lessons providing the availability to exercise at home at a time that works in your schedule. Whatever the time you choose to do your workout, make sure it is completed at least 4 hours before bedtime. This will allow your body time to relax and prepare for sleep, which is when your muscles repair, rest and recover.  


The Best Pilates Exercises for Seniors:


Here are some of the best Pilates’s exercises for seniors.


  1.        Straight leg raise

This exercise strengthens the abs, stretches the hamstrings and improves circulation. Lie on your back with your legs straight. Pull one knee up so that it’s in line with your hip. Don’t let your back arch or sag as you pull up. Continue to breathe as you hold for a few seconds, then lower and repeat with the other side. Start by doing this 10 times each day (3 sets) adding 3 reps per set every week until you get to 20 lifts, three times a day!


  1.       Bridge Pose:

Bridge pose is great Pilates’s exercise which strengthens abdominal muscles and lower back muscles. It provides gentle stretch to spine area, increases flexibility of spine, relieves back pain and improves spinal fluid circulation. Lie on the floor, with knees bent at 90-degree angle, arms at sides, palms facing down.


  1.       Plank pose:

    It is designed to strengthen abdomen and lower back muscles while also improving posture by stretching the chest and shoulders. Get into a push up position with hands directly below your shoulders (fingers pointing toward toes). Push yourself onto your toes so that only forearms and toes remain in contact with the floor. Hold for 30 seconds then rest for 10 seconds before repeating two more times.

  2.       Cat/Cow Pose:

    This exercise is used to stretch hamstrings and back muscles as well as strengthening abdominal muscles. You start by lying face down the mat with hands resting, palms down. Slowly arch back (like a cat) and hold for 5 seconds then release and return to starting position slowly. Repeat this process 3 times. You then change positions by lifting your head up, looking toward ceiling while raising chest and butt towards sky. Hold 5 seconds and repeat three times.

  3.       The Chair Pose:

    This exercise is best Pilates exercises for seniors as it stretches arms, shoulders, thighs, hamstrings and glutes (area just above buttocks). It helps to improve blood circulation throughout the body, improve flexibility of muscles in the hips, knees & ankles, stretch pectoral muscles (chest muscles), strengthen torso (stomach area), improve balance & coordination of feet & legs.

 Pilates is a great exercise for seniors because it can help improve overall body strength and flexibility, while also helping to improve coordination. It’s important not to push yourself too hard when you are starting out with Pilates as your doctor may have given you guidelines on how much physical activity you should be participating in each week. For more information about Pilates for seniors do not hesitate to contact us today!

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How to Start a Suboxone Clinic


Opiate addiction is a serious problem in the United States. There are over 20 million people with opiate addiction, and many more experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Opiates are not being dealt with properly, which has led to an increase in crime rates and other problems like spikes in Opioid Overdoses. One solution to this ever-growing crisis would be to open up Suboxone clinics- these clinics can help those who need it by providing them a dose of Suboxone that will counteract their dependency on opiates for good. This would lessen the chance of relapse greatly, which currently stands at about 65%. Starting one now would be very rewarding as they save lives every day. Opioid Addiction is a difficult path to come back from, make sure your Suboxone clinics giving people the hope they need to successfully begin their journey to recovery by offering Suboxone Treatment through Opioid Treatment Programs.


As far as business investments go, Suboxone clinics are seen as safe because their patient base only expands. Opiate addicts are able to be managed with just one dose of Suboxone, which alleviates the withdrawal symptoms and replaces them with a much more positive experience that will help them live more stable lives. One dose of Suboxone can manage an addict for up to eight hours, and using opiates after this point will not produce the same high, nor will it alleviate any symptoms. The actual clinic itself is easy to obtain-all you need is a doctor who has been trained in Suboxone therapy and certification from the DEA, (Drug Enforcement Agency) Your DEA-X Waiver Specifically.


Legal Structuring


As with most business ventures, you will want to start your knew suboxone clinic by contacting attorneys. They will be able to help you by producing contracts for the clinic, as well as for your doctors. You will also need to include a non-disclosure agreement, which covers all information that you obtain about your patients. Doing this before opening the clinic will protect you from any possible law suits because they cannot sue for something that is already stated in a binding contract.


Attorneys can review, obtain, create, and advise you on other documents you commonly encounter when starting a business such as:


– Articles of incorporation


– Business license


– Employer Identification Number (EIN)


You will want to hire a health care attorney to guide you through the process of getting your clinic established. Having one will make sure that all paperwork is complete and up to date, which could save a lot of time in the long run, as well as keep everything legal throughout the process. There are clinics that already have this figured out for you and can give you advice on what’s been working- they also offer training programs for doctors. Ask your attorney if they have a local recommendation for credentialing.




Credentialing is key to setting up your facility’s NPI number as well as ensuring you will be reimbursed by insurance companies such as Medicare, Medicaid, BlueCross, United Health, Aetna etc. They will be sure to get all of the details correct, so you are setup to bill for suboxone and related ancillary services verse onsite distribution of methadone, a similar but differently billed alternative. This can be a time-consuming process but it is required to ensure the ability to receive payments from your patients and be able to make your new Suboxone Clinic Profitable. You will also want to make sure you are setup to offer and perform counseling and other mental health services. Behavioral health services such as group therapy are not only major revenue streams you will want your office to capture, but countless studies show this type of treatment is often times key in patients having a positive outcome from their substance abuse treatment. A good credentialed will make sure your able to not only collect the Medication assisted treatment revenue but also revenue related to services provided at Mental Health Clinics. Contact for a recommendation of Credentialing companies that using will make your chances of success much higher and who are incredibly affordable and competitively priced. We collaborate with countless Suboxone providers and know the best specialist throughout the Opioid Treatment Clinic industry.


Billing Companies


At we have seen amazing billing companies turn hopeless businesses around, and we have seen terrible billing companies turn amazing businesses into a complete and utter loss. It is important to do your research before picking a company, as they could mean the difference between success and failure. will work with you on finding a billing partner that specifically offers services for physicians in Suboxone clinics who are looking to get reimbursed by major insurance companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield and Kaiser Health Plans, Medicaid etc. There are many reasons why it’s crucial you have a billing agency that specializes in this area such as:


  • Dedicated team of professionals including medical coders and billers that are knowledgeable about Suboxone therapy and Medication Assisted Treatment;
  • Service orientated billing company that specializes in the Suboxone Industry, and takes pride in placing each doctor’s business needs at top priority;
  • Experienced in getting maximum reimbursement from insurance companies as well as uninsured patients. Our partners have worked with many providers to ensure their clinic is set up perfectly- they know how to get it done!
  • Vested consultants who can ensure you are capturing all potential revenue through the most profitable codes and business modeling.


We at have consulted hundreds of new Suboxone Clinics launch and can ensure your new clinic is setup with a premiere billing company from the start, or if your last billing company left your suboxone clinic or rehab billings in terrible shape do not hesitate to contact us. We also specialize in assisting clinics recover from using the wrong billing company. Contact us while there may be still time to recover some of your billables!


It’s important to research each and every Billing Company you come across, because simply having trust in your ‘Billing Company’ can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars if they are not maximizing your returns through practicing best billing practices! Learn from our prior client’s paid time and experience. Do not start from square one, allow to save you countless time and even more money by starting you out on day 1 where it took dozens of our consulting clients, and ourselves, years of paid consulting to ultimately land.


The benefits of opening up one of these centers are endless. Opiate addicts will no longer be dependent on opiates, they will lead a more stable life and there will also be less crime- the economy is getting better thanks to this center. The reason that Suboxone clinics have been proven effective is because they help suppress withdrawal symptoms and cravings for opiates. This helps make the transition out of addiction much smoother and less likely to relapse.




The one thing the 400+ Suboxone companies we have been contacted and engaged at some level with have in common is they were looking for the best Suboxone Clinic Marketing available when they made the decision to hire us. is the number 1 Suboxone Directory site in the world, personally processing over 15,000 Suboxone Appointment request per year. This does not count the vast majority of clients who we connect directly to a clinic.


We are big believes that if you are the best at what you do, you should look no further than your own work to display your resume. We have ranked the following words for our platform, in every major city and state in America.


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Check any of the above keywords on google and see at the top of the search results, no matter where you are located or searching for. We specialize in addiction treatment marketing and have ranked our site at the top of the first page for thousands of keywords nationally related to prescription drugs like Suboxone. We have a very particular skillset, but it is unarguable we are very good at it.


One of the most important aspects in starting a Suboxone Clinic is to make sure you have the right consultant in your corner to save you countless hours of frustration, dollars, energy, and provide you with all of the shortcuts to making your Suboxone Clinic a cash cow overnight. You could be spending this time screening new Suboxone Providers, opening up a Suboxone Clinic or just enjoying life with your family.


We are the biggest firm in our industry with over 40 clients spanning across nearly 1/3rd of major US markets. The size of our firm is a testament to the work we do in the Opioid Abuse Industry. We develop every client into an account executive, giving them all the tools they need to sell their own business and expand it seamlessly without us. When following our recommendations you will certainly need to scale, and at the appropriate time, such as when raising funds, we can also connect you with top personal such as a Clinical Director, Executive Director, Medical Director, and Finance experts who specialize in healthcare. We only work with one client per major market, so if you have a Suboxone Practice in any major city, contact us immediately! The Opioid Crisis is showing no signs of slowing, so be sure to contact us today while your territory is still an option for us to collaborate with. Visit our site and learn more about how we can help grow your business and make you millions!



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Post-traumatic stress disorder can affect anyone. On average, someone in the United States develops PTSD at some point in their life, and one in seven Americans has it in any given year. It affects those of all races, ages or genders. It’s normal to feel bad after a trauma like sexual assault, war violence or terrorist attack. But when these feelings don’t go away and get worse over time that’s when you have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Researchers have studied the effects of CBD on PTSD symptoms for years now. This is due to its non-psychotropic properties and minimal side effects if taken in proper doses. People with PTSD may experience depression, flashbacks, anxiety attacks, uncontrollable anger and insomnia. 


How CBD Helps Those with PTSD


CBD is a compound in hemp and marijuana plants that doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, “through its actions on CB1 receptors, CBD can reduce anxiety, inflammation and nausea — all of which may also play roles in PTSD.”


In 2012 researchers from Vanderbilt University published an article titled Cannabidiol Regulation of Learned Fear: Implications for Treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The study concludes by saying, “recent preclinical evidence supports the potential of CBD as an effective treatment for PTSD”. The conclusions were based on studies using animal models to assess CBD’s effects on anxiety. They found it regulated fear memory processing.


The history of people using cannabis to treat their illnesses is very deep. It dates back thousands of years, and in recent decades we’ve seen the popularity of medical marijuana continue to rise. Many who believe it has helped them with their PTSD cite this as a cause for its effectiveness.


No one knows exactly what causes post-traumatic stress disorder, but researchers have made some progress on understanding how trauma affects different people. Veterans are at increased risk for developing this type of mental health condition and may also benefit from CBD oil use while treating their symptoms. 


Different Forms of CBD


Research has shown that using full-spectrum extracts is more beneficial than isolates because they contain terpenes and other compounds found in hemp that may have additional health benefits. Preclinical evidence suggests that CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antioxidant, antiemetic and anxiolytic agent. CBD comes in the following forms:


CBD Oil Capsules– Another popular way to consume CBD is through capsule form. Capsules are easy to take and have zero taste or smell thanks to being stored in air-tight containers. CBD capsules also don’t have any psychoactive effects, meaning you can take them without worry of feeling “high.”


CBD Gummies– Gummies are one of the most popular forms CBD products because they taste good and are fun to eat. They come in many different flavors such as strawberry, watermelon and blue raspberry.


CBD Oil Tinctures– These tinctures allow for precise dosing so you can easily control how much CBD oil you ingest. They also have a long shelf life of two years or more.


CBD Topical Creams– These creams are made with hemp seed oil, coconut oil, olive oil or other plant oils and contain highly concentrated doses of CBD combined with essential fatty acids (EFAs). This allows for effective application to sore muscles, joints or any area that is experiencing pain without having to swallow capsules or tinctures.


CBD Isolate vs Full Spectrum CBD


There is a lot of confusion surrounding the difference between full-spectrum CBD and isolates because they’re often marketed as one and the same. As mentioned earlier, cannabis plants contain hundreds if not thousands of different chemical compounds, including cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. There is suggestion that by using isolate you are missing out on some key health benefits.


CBD and Veterans


Due to the large number of military personnel returning from combat suffering from PTSD, an estimated 11-20% of veterans are thought to suffer from this debilitating disorder. Currently there is no known cure for PTSD, which affects more than 20 million adults in America and around the world. 


Many veterans find CBD helps with their recovery, as it effectively treats their symptoms of PTSD. The most important aspects to CBD for veterans are:


  • Quick and long-lasting relief of anxiety and depression
  • Mood stabilization and sleep aid without the feeling of being “high”


CBD, the non-intoxicating component of cannabis sativa plant has been shown to have a number of positive effects on mental conditions. These include anxiety PTSD as well as stress levels and other mental conditions. More research is needed to understand why these results are happening but it’s clear that more people could benefit from using this natural remedy instead of harmful pharmaceutical drugs like SSRI’s which come with many side effects including suicidal ideation or even death in some cases. For those interested in trying out CBD for themselves we recommend reaching out to today! We offer free consultations where we will answer any questions you may have about our products and how they can help your condition(s).


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