Frequently asked questions about Arclight Content

We understand you may have some questions about Arclight Content and how it can help your business. We are happy to answer those questions and have compiled a list of the most frequently asked ones we receive below:

Artificial intelligence assisted writing software is used to generate randomized content in context with the particular subject an individual is writing on.Ai-assisted writing software can revolutionize many aspects of your business by generating diverse, engaging content that you never could have imagined yourself. This type of software has a variety of uses, ranging from expanding the scope and quality of your content to improving productivity and lowering the cost. The benefits don’t stop there. Read on for more information! 

The provided avatars are pre-programed life-like, humans that have a set accent and tone. There is a selection of over 40 different avatars you can choose from. Custom, personal avatars are an accurate and realistic avatar of yourself (basically your AI Avatar Twin) In order to get a custom, personalized avatar you need to complete a green screen recording while reading a custom script for about 10-15 min. This is a one-time recording and you’ll never have to show up to film a video again!

Yes, with our ai technology we can turn any of your written content into an engaging video production. All our videos are fully customized to highlight your brand so they’re perfect for advertising on your website, social media or email newsletters. We can transition written blogs, written social media posts, written website content (about us section, FAQ sections, etc.) to ai assisted video productions at scale and at an affordable price!

First, have your voiceover recorded in your own home or office through Arclight Content’s personal AI recording studio. Take it one step further and visit a local video company for less than half a day in front of a green screen where you will read off a script to record your motions and facial expressions.After you’ve submitted the recording to our team and paid for the custom avatar, we’ll have a fully functioning, ai avatar within 10 days. This recording only needs to be completed once; after its complete we can produce as much content as you’ll ever need and you’ll never have to visit a studio again.

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The cost to create a custom personal avatar is a one-time fee of $1,000, plus the charge for the green screen recording at your local recording studio. Green screen recording can vary depending on where you are located. There are no other hidden fees or maintenance charges. Once created, we can produce as much content as needed for life.

Any custom avatar requires explicit consent from the person to be made the avatar and our team manually checks and processes all custom avatar video footage.

No, you do not. We create custom, unique content and all writing is sent through plagiarism detector before publication