Hiring A Copywriter Online

Everyone should hire a copywriter. That’s probably not the best sentence to start an article with, but it gets right to the point: hiring a copywriter is important, and everyone (or at least everyone who wants to grow their site) should hire one.

What Is A Copywriter?

 First, let’s understand what is a copywriter? Copywriters are responsible for writing the text of advertisements, brochures, and other marketing material for a company or client. A copywriter might write ad copy on behalf of a client, as well as content to be published online (such as blog posts).


A copywriter can do more than take your website from “meh” to “wow!”, here are more reasons why you need a copywriter.

10 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Hire A Copywriter


1.More Time for Your Morning Coffee (Or Anything Else You’d Rather Be Doing)

So, you hire someone to write your copy, and what happens? Well, you get more time in the morning.  

It’s as simple as that. You hire someone to write your copy, and now it’s done.  The writer takes the responsibility of writing the text off of you, freeing up time for other important tasks (like a much-needed cup of coffee).


2.A Professional Copywriter Can Perfectly Capture Your Services

A professional copywriter can perfectly capture what you do!  It may take some time for them to understand your business, but once they have done so, they can write about it in a way that accurately reflects the quality of your company.

3.Never Worry About High-Stakes Copy Again

High-stakes copy refers to the copy on your landing pages and site. You hire a copywriter, and you no longer have to worry about perfectly capturing your services (see reason #2), since it’ll be done for you. Remember the more time you spend worrying about high-stakes copy, the less time you’re spending actually doing something that helps your company or website.


4.Grammar Issues, Begone

Perhaps one of the best benefits of hiring a copywriter is that you’ll never have to worry about grammar issues again. That might seem trivial, but if you hire someone who is a master of grammar, they can ensure your copy is accurate and well-written.  You don’t want to hire an amateur who’ll make mistakes on your site or landing page, do you?

5.A Copywriter Knows How to Write Persuasive Content

A copywriter knows how to write persuasive content.  It’s what they do, and it’s likely something you don’t know how to do.  That doesn’t mean that you can hire someone and instantly have a successful website (but it sure helps), but the copy will be compelling and persuasive, and thus encourage people to click on your links and hire you.

6.There IS Such a Thing as Being “Too Close” to a Topic

Sometimes, when writing about your company or business, it’s hard not to be too close to the topic at hand. A copywriter knows how important it is to take a step back and write objectively about their client.  It’s what they do best.

7.Copywriters Know the Importance of Variation in Content

A copywriter knows how important it is to vary content, and not only in terms of format (blog post vs. landing page).  Copywriting involves a lot of research, and when a writer is doing that much research, they can’t help but gain insight into other businesses in the industry.  That means that should you hire this copywriter for blog posts, they might introduce other companies to your site. If this happens, great.

8.A Copywriter Knows How to Craft Different Content Formats

Copywriters know how to write in a variety of different content formats. They might be great at writing landing pages, blog posts, or even tweets. A copywriter can help your business produce efficient and effective content in a variety of formats.  This means that you don’t have to hire multiple writers for one project—you hire one writer who can do it all.

9.Copywriters Keep Up-to-Date With Every Google Change

Google changes how it ranks sites on a frequent basis.  A copywriter keeps up to date with these changes and knows what kind of content Google wants its users to find.  That means they know what kind of content you should hire them to produce, and what kind of content available about your company on the web is likely not going to help you.

10.When it Comes to Hitting the Target, Copywriters are Regular Hawkeyes

Copywriters know how to target a specific audience. It’s just what they do, and it’s something that you should hire them for.  They understand the psychology behind writing content that not only appeals to your audience but also converts them into paying clients or customers.


A Better Option With Arclight Content

Now, what if we told you that you can have access to the same (if not, better) quality copy in less time and a fraction of the cost?  

That’s what Arclight Content is all about.


Arclight Content’s AI works better than human beings at creating written and video content because humans are limited by their short-term memory. If a human can write around 150 words in a minute, then they only have the ability to create a limited amount of content. Arclight Content, on the other hand, doesn’t have such limitations.


Arclight Content can create thousands of pieces of content in a day.  This means that you hire one copywriter and get an entire team’s worth of work done for you—all without ever having to hire anyone else again.


Arclight Content is the future of copywriting. Why hire a human when you can hire an AI that’s better, faster, and more affordable?

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