Copywriting Services

If you need to hire a copywriter, there are many available options and factors that come into play when choosing the right one. This article will help you understand some of those factors and how to choose the ideal candidate for your company’s content needs and industry.

1. What are some common copywriting services available for purchase?

There are many different services copywriters can offer. They may write blog posts, case studies, white papers, press releases, and product descriptions. Depending on the industry and project goal (sales or lead generation), a writer might be responsible for creating ad campaigns as well.

2. How should I choose a copywriter?

First, know exactly what needs to be written. This is absolutely key to choosing the right writer for your project. Do they need to do research before beginning? For sales or lead generation pieces, it’s extremely important that the copy does not come across as salesy or too promotional so human readers can identify with the content. Some writers will be able to use their own personal experiences in your industry or project. For some, this is a major plus while others may not want to read a copy that seems like it’s written by someone who doesn’t know anything about the topic (even if it is).


3. How important is it that the copywriter has direct experience in my industry?

This will depend largely on the writer and what you need to be written.  For project goals such as sales, sometimes copywriters with industry experience are a positive thing.  Other times they might not have any industry experience and would create content that doesn’t appeal to your target audience. This can be dangerous if it comes across (whether intended or not) as too promotional, spammy, or self-serving for the company offering the product/service.


4. Do copywriters also offer design services?

Many writers don’t provide design work but there are some who do. Rather than designing something themselves and possibly missing important details (like color scheme or style), having a designer work directly with a copywriter is an ideal situation. This also allows the copywriter to focus more of their time on content creation.


5. How do copywriters obtain the information they need to write?

If the writer is researching for your project, you will have to supply them with whatever details are needed so they can create the best piece possible. If it’s for a sales/lead generation piece, more than likely they will want direct access to your product or company website so they can get all the necessary information without being limited by an outside source. Some writers are able to use their own experiences in place of depending directly on industry knowledge (and some companies choosing this route like that fact).


If you’re not sure how much work needs to be done before beginning, many writers offer free samples of their work. You would have to pay for the first part of the project before seeing what they can do, but this is a great way to understand more about their abilities and if you feel comfortable letting them contribute copy for your business or industry.


6. Who owns the copy that the copywriter creates?

It depends on the writer and the contract. Some writers have a clause in their contracts that states they own the content they create, while others do not. If it is written for a sales or lead generation piece, most companies prefer to retain full rights to the content created.

7. What if I don’t like what the copywriter has written?

It’s important to have a pre-agreement of what work will be done or paid for before beginning the project. Most companies have policies that state they own everything written as long as they provided the writer with all necessary information. As an end result, you need to choose a copywriter wisely and understand how much creative control you have over their writing before signing any contracts.


8. How much do copywriting services cost?

This varies greatly depending on the writer and your project. A piece that uses a lot of research, personal experience, or knowledge from previous projects may be more expensive than a sales lead generation piece with no need for additional information beyond what you provide for their access to. Some copywriters also require a percentage fee if they have to do any follow-up articles or blog posts about your company/product after the first month of the initial contract being fulfilled.


9. Are there any possible add-on charges I need to know about before hiring a copywriter?

Some writers charge extra for revisions or changes to ensure that copy is cohesive with other writing, but this should be covered in the original contract. Other than this, there usually aren’t any additional charges unless you ask them to expand on content by doing follow-up work.


10. What are typical payment terms for copywriters?

Typically, writers need half of the money before beginning work and the final payment upon completion. It’s also common to receive regular progress reports with images or samples of what is being written during the process (if applicable).

However, it ultimately depends on the agreement between the writer and client.


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