Content Marketing Ideas For Insurance Agents

There’s a reason content marketing is the central strategy behind nearly every industry, and it’s because content marketing works. Whether content marketing is the foundation of your insurance marketing strategy or in addition to an already established plan, content marketing in the insurance industry can be extremely successful. Here are some content ideas for using in content marketing strategies in the insurance industry:

Why Insurance Content Marketing?

As in content in any industry, content is the best way to build trust with customers. Because content marketing for insurance focuses on discussing ideas surrounding insurance products rather than just pitching specific products, content enables you to position yourself as a trusted resource in the industry. The content you create doesn’t just benefit your agency, it benefits your customers and prospects as well.

What are the Benefits of Using Content as the Center of Your Insurance Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing is the foundation of most insurance content strategies. People are more likely to make decisions when they have access to content that educates them or provides them with information, rather than being pitched directly. According to a study performed by Content Marketing Institute, content has five times more impact on purchase decisions than traditional marketing efforts like print ads and direct mail.

Another advantage of content, in general, is that content marketing boosts content credibility. People are more likely to trust content when they know it’s not trying to sell them anything, but instead, provide helpful information about the industry-specific topic at hand.

What Are Some Ideas For Insurance Content?

Post About Online Or In-Person Events

One content idea is to create content that details the benefits of attending in-person or online events. A content piece that focuses on an event makes it seem like a more exclusive opportunity, especially when you can’t attend in person. Event content can also feature testimonials from attendees to further prove the content’s value.

Share Customer Success Stories

Another content idea is to create content about existing customers’ success stories. You can create content that includes information about what insurance products were purchased, how they were used, etc. These content pieces are an effective means of marketing because they’re not just touting how great your agency is, but rather telling your customer’s stories and turning them into brand evangelists.

Create An Online Series About The Different Insurance Options That You Offer

Another content piece that insurance agents can create is an online series about the different types of insurance. For example, if you’re an auto insurance agent, you can create content that discusses how homeowners’ insurance differs from renters’ insurance and content that focuses on small business liability coverage.


Provide Useful Information Such As Tips And Tricks To Keep Insurance Premiums Low

Another content piece that insurance agents can create content around is advice for keeping premiums low. For example, content could include things like why people should make sure their deductibles are high enough to be worth purchasing insurance and content about precautionary measures to take before making a claim against an insurance policy.

Use Social Media To Link Back To Your Website And To Promote Your Blogs Or Other Content You Are Creating

A content marketing strategy isn’t complete without using social media to increase content’s reach. You can promote content on various social media websites throughout your content creation process. When you’re ready to share content with the world, use tools like Buffer and Hootsuite, which let you schedule posts about content so that they go out automatically each day at a specific time.

If writing is not your forte, don’t worry! Using video marketing in your content marketing strategy can be extremely effective as well. Videos are easy for people to digest whether they are 2 minutes or 20 minutes long. If written content doesn’t come naturally to you, consider filming yourself talking about insurance topics or creating short instructional videos about what types of products are right for different people.

In addition to content creation, content promotion is important as well. To promote content, you can email it directly to those in your contact database or share content on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can also distribute content through a news release so that people who don’t know about you but would be interested have another avenue of learning what you provide.

Offer Educational Insurance Content

Another content marketing idea for insurance agents is to offer content that gives insight into what you do, but at no cost to the consumer. For example, if you’re an insurance agent who focuses on selling annuities or life insurance products, create content about topics like how long-term care works and its importance in protecting families financially. These content pieces can help people make decisions about their own finances without having to go through the hassle of speaking with an agent.

Be Consistent with Insurance Website Content

One content marketing strategy that insurance agents shouldn’t use it to create content on their agency website that doesn’t relate to the topic of insurance. For example, if you’re an insurance agent who sells life insurance through your agency but also has a blog about how you’ve been able to lose weight and get in shape, it’s unlikely that potential clients will be interested in this content and will instead seek content from someone who specializes in their specific need.

How Can Arclight Content Help?

The marketing industry is always evolving, and the ever-changing demands of customers have made content marketing increasingly more important. At Arclight Content, we know that an effective strategy will contain a mix of written, video, and visual media to help insurance agencies create content that can be optimized for search engines.

Arclight Content is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered content creator. Our AI-powered content platform generates written and video content that scales to any client’s needs while staying highly relevant. This allows our clients to focus on what they do best: building strong customer relationships. To learn more about content marketing for insurance agents, visit our website today at

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