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“Content marketing works.” That’s what content marketers say when they want to sell content marketing services. “It drives traffic, builds awareness, and strengthens the brand without directly selling anything,” they say. But is content marketing really all it’s cracked up to be? What does content marketing actually do for your business in practical terms?

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is content that adds value to prospects or customers before they are ready to buy products or services. It is content that keeps their attention and proves to be useful in some way. Content can come in a variety of forms: blog posts, video content, infographics, white papers, presentations, and so on. A content marketing agency in Chicago can help you strategize content marketing methods that will boost sales and generate leads.

Does Content Marketing Work?

Yes! Content marketing is a great way to educate your target prospective buyers. By creating content that talks about different topics, you’ll be reaching out to individuals at all stages of the customer journey. Not only does content marketing promote thought leadership, but it also generates awareness for your brand. 


It’s content tailored specifically toward individuals who may be interested in what you offer; thus, content marketing turns casual visitors into potential customers or even raving fans—the kind of people who advocate for your product or service non-stop.

What Makes A Good Chicago Content Marketing Agency?

A good content marketing agency doesn’t just help their clients strategize content; they also create content themselves. Not only does this promote thought leadership for the client but it also helps the content marketing agency improve its own brand. So, a content marketing agency should be able to provide content for their clients as well as help content grow the client’s target audience and website traffic.


Content marketing is proven to be beneficial, and content marketing agencies in Chicago know this. The content they create for you will boost sales and your brand while educating your customers on the right products or services for them. If you’re interested in content marketing, contact a content marketing agency in Chicago today!


Good content should:

  • Educate customers and help prospects make purchasing decisions (not sell)
  • Be relevant to customers’ search terms and topics that are trending
  • Inform readers about your business, industry/sector, product/service, etc.
  • Help readers solve problems or improve their productivity
  • Provide clear value propositions for why others should choose you over the competition

How Does Marketing Without Talking About Or Promoting Our Product/Service Help Us Create Leads And Sales?

By helping content marketing customers find content that they’re interested in, you are turning them after reading or watching these pieces. This is why content marketing works! People feel like they know the company without having ever bought anything from it—and they want to continue knowing more about this company because what they learned was interesting and useful. This leads more people down the sales funnel.


Additionally, content marketing builds trust with potential buyers. Buyers who stumble across content that you’ve created might be prompted to keep digging around for more content. They might even request content from you, which means they want to know what you have to say about a certain topic. This teaches them a bit more about your services and whether it’s the right fit for their needs after all—and this knowledge leads people down the sales funnel.

Why Would I Want To Educate My Customers And Help My Competition?

First of all, content that educates potential customers is exceptional content that will keep visitors on your site longer than they would otherwise remain if you just talked about yourself the whole time. This means they’re already more invested in what you’re offering than others who don’t offer valuable content. Content also provides prospects with multiple entry points into your business when they are ready to buy, so you’ll have many opportunities to connect with them. 


It gives them more than one reason to learn more about your products or services. Content also helps increase customer loyalty and advocacy because it improves your brand image. You are perceived as an authority in your industry, so content marketing provides the opportunity to reach out to more people who may have never considered what you offer before.


How Can Content Marketing Help Address Customers At All Stages Of The Customer Journey?

The content marketing process can guide customers to make purchasing decisions by addressing their needs during different stages in their customer journey. Here is how content can help address your target audiences at all stages in the customer journey:


1) Awareness Stage

Content helps potential buyers discover you, especially content that’s tailored specifically toward prospects at this stage of the customer journey. Since content educates about topics relevant to potential buyers’ interests, content draws attention to your business and brand while demonstrating knowledge within your field or industry.


2) Consideration Stage

Content helps address your target audiences’ needs and questions specific to this stage of the customer journey. During content creation, content marketers can research what potential customers within their target audience are searching for and adapt content accordingly. It’s important that content is:


Relevant – Information should be easily found by searches associated with your target audience’s interests and problems they may be experiencing. This means content needs to answer people’s initial questions or concerns.


Actionable – Information should provide a clear call-to-action path forward with contact information where potential buyers can easily get in touch with you for more information or to purchase a product/service.


3) Conversion Stage

Content marketing continues educating potential consumers after they begin to use your product or service. It keeps users engaged and educated about best practices for using your product. The content you create can be used in multiple ways:


Referral – Content marketing offers content that the user can pass along to their family, friends, and coworkers who may need a similar product or service that you offer. These people will be more likely to purchase after hearing about your business from someone they trust.


Retention – Content is used as a way to stay top-of-mind with existing customers when it’s relevant and engaging content like an eBook or webinar series (we’ll discuss how this helps increase sales in the last section).


Upsells – Once consumers are familiar with your business, content allows them to see other products or services that might be of interest to them.

Is It Worth Hiring A Content Marketing Agency In Chicago?

Most content marketing agencies are experts at planning the content your business needs while keeping in mind your audience demographic and online presence. They know how to optimize content by choosing the right keywords while staying consistent with your branding message. Their ideas can also help you improve brand awareness because they’ve got fresh insights into what’s currently working in the industry. Finally, their expertise helps them identify opportunities for new types of content that can grow customer relationships.

Most content marketing agencies are familiar with the strategies, including content types that attract customers at each stage of the customer journey. Their content may also increase Google search rankings for your target keywords, which can help you become more easily found by potential customers.

Working with a content agency allows you to produce content quickly without draining resources from your business. This means your content is reliable and consistent because no one knows your brand or industry better than an expert content marketer who works in-house at a content marketing agency in Chicago.


Have You Heard Of Arclight Content?

What do you get when you combine the ability to publish timely and relevant content using an artificial intelligence-powered platform? You get Arclight Content.

Chicago has a bustling content marketing scene, but professionals are always looking for ways to get an edge. Using AI-powered platforms will give them that advantage by automating the monotonous tasks of maintaining social presence and publishing quality content.


With Arclight Content, users can publish articles on any topic they want at any time they need to. The platform even generates topic ideas based on a user’s guidelines.


Arclight Content allows marketers to spend more time on creativity and less on the busywork of content curation. Its AI also promotes better SEO practices by building authority websites that produce top search results for keywords companies care about.

Chicago marketing agencies will be able to grow their businesses by providing their clients with dynamic content that is always trending. With Arclight Content, marketers won’t have to worry about algorithm changes or hiring expensive employees to edit content.


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